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Who is the plan designed for?
The plan is designed for people who desire direct cremation only – and most likely not require further services from us.
What is direct cremation?
Direct cremation is a term used to describe the cremation process, as it is scheduled as soon as possible following death. Embalming is not required nor usually performed and the purchase of a casket is not necessary. Family members who desire to view the body usually do so at the place of death – be it the hospital, nursing home or residence prior to the arrival of funeral home staff.
What does the Simply Cremation plan include?
The Simply Cremation Plan includes just the necessary elements for direct cremation: transfer of the deceased to the funeral home and the cost for the cremation process. Filing of the death certificate and permits are also included. The deceased’s ashes (also referred to as cremains) are contained in a clear poly bag, placed within a black plastic box.
What items are not included in the Simply Cremation Plan ?
The less complicated that the plan is for us to manage – allows us to offer a lower price to families. To offer the Simply Cremation Plan we must minimize the involvement of our staff. If you opt for this plan you must arrange any funeral services and cemetery details on your own. You must also write and place obituaries yourself. There are other limitations that apply. Please contact us for more information.
If I choose the Simply Cremation Plan and want additional services, will the Funeral Home assist me?
The less complicated that the plan is for us to manage – allows us to offer a lower price to families. So Yes. We would be more than happy to assist and provide you with additional services. They are not included in the plan because they would increase costs – and a number of people might not want them. If you desire additional services you will be charged accordingly for the services that you choose.
Do you have your own on-site crematory?
Yes. Our crematory was built in 1997 and is located on our funeral home campus. Members of our staff – all Minnesota-licensed morticians – supervise and perform the cremation process. Owning and operating our own crematory allows us to expedite the cremation process. Families can usually receive their loved one’s cremains within one day’s time.  Our Byron location was built in 2017 and does also house a crematory.
Is there a membership fee?
When is payment due for cremation?

To be able to facilitate the plan, we request full payment be made in full at the time of arrangements. We accept a personal check, cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard and Discovery for payment.

Can I pre-pay the cremation?
Yes. Minnesota law allows you to set money aside in an irrevocable funeral trust – funded either by funeral insurance or with a CD (certificate of deposit) issued by your bank. An irrevocable trust has the benefit of sheltering your funeral money so that it will not be considered as an asset should you later need to apply-for and receive medical assistance. Your money still belongs to you, earns interest and is protected. At the time of death we are able to access your funds and apply them them towards your cremation expense. Should there be funds left over, they are returned to the estate of the deceased. For further explanation, please contact us.
Are there other ways to arrange cremation?

Yes. Cremation can be part of a traditional funeral, allowing the body to be  present for visitation and/or services. Embalming is a requirement for a public visitation with open casket. A  cremation casket is often chosen. When the service is finished the cremation process takes place.  These additional services and expenses are listed in our General Price List. Please contact us for further information..

Am I obligated to have a service?
We encourage you to memorialize your loved one with a memorial service, regardless of whether we serve your family or not.  Please consider a cemetery as a permanent resting place for cremains. This will ensure future generations a place to visit. Minnesota law views cremation as final disposition, allowing you the options of earth burial, scattering or ennichment  – the placement of the urn in a special cemetery structure or building.
Can we arrange and conduct a memorial service on our own?
Many times, yes. Some churches will allow family members  to organize and conduct a memorial service – and not require that a funeral home be involved.  Their consent to allow this may depend on how many people you anticipate attending the service and whether the church has staff to assist you. They may also be able to provide you with ushers. Please inquire with your church. If you prefer having our funeral home arrange  the memorial service, please know that we will plan and supervise all details in a professional manner.

We would assist you in making initial contact with your church – or schedule the use of our funeral home chapel. We would help you with the writing (if desired) and placement of the obituary and take full charge of  the service;  usher and manage the registry book,  take and protect memorial envelopes, set up flowers – with later delivery to where you tell us, provide guidance for clergy and musician stipends –  and assist you with folder printing, if you desire it.  A procession to the cemetery for graveside services can also be included. A funeral lunch is often planned, following the cemetery service.  Please see our General Price List describing these services and costs.

How do I obtain death certificates?
Once the death certificate is filed, certified copies can be obtained from any Minnesota courthouse birth and death records office. If you live outside the State of Minnesota and require death certificates our staff can assist you.