Budget friendly cremation solutions in Rochester, MN

We offer transparent pricing for cremation services in Rochester, MN and surrounding cities.

Simply Cremation Plan Includes:

  • Transfer of the deceased to our Funeral Home, within 25 miles of our location(s).
  • Reduced Basic service fee for filing of the Death Certificate and issuance of all necessary permits.
  • Included: cost of the county cremation permit (up to $50)
  • Crematory fee / Cremation Process.
  • Cremains (ashes) are contained in a poly bag and placed within a black plastic box, housed in a white cardboard box.

*Potential Additional Costs:

  • An additional medical examination may require two removals; one from place of death-to- study facility; the other from study facility-to-crematory. This will require an additional removal charge.
  • The removal of a body outside of a medical environment (i.e., residence or public place of death, etc.) may require the assistance of an additional staff member.
  • The removal of a body beyond 25 miles of the funeral home.
  • Olmsted County Coroner’s Cremation Authorization Fee.  As of June 1, 2019 this $50.00 charge is required and has already been added to the cost of The Simply Cremation Plan.  If a county charges more than $50.00 for the permit, the difference will be added to the final cost of the plan.
  • Death Certificates.

Please see our General Price List.  When reviewing this document, note that The Simply Cremation price does not contain our full price of our Basic Services Fee.  By eliminating additional services and opting not to charge the full Basic Services Fee we are able to offer this lower-priced cremation option.


Important Notes

What Is NOT Included:

  • Scheduling of any services, or assistance with their planning (including cemetery services). If you desire a funeral service, we ask that you arrange it without our assistance.
  • Obituary writing or placement assistance. You will need to write and submit obituaries directly to the  newspapers of your choice without our assistance.
  • Website listing. If you are taking advantage of The Simply Cremation® Plan we regret that we cannot list obituaries on our website.
  • Any excess funeral trust proceeds will be dispersed to you by a single check. You may then personally direct payments to 3rd party entities, i.e., clergy, musicians, cemeteries.
  • Folder or Prayer Card Printing. To keep the Simply Cremation cost affordable, we regret that we are unable to provide printing services.

To Take Advantage of The Simply Cremation Plan You Will Need To:

  • Make full payment at the time of arrangement. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 
  • Apply for any insurance claims on your own. We cannot accept insurance assignments for the Simply Cremation® Plan. You will need to obtain funds from another source to pay us and later seek reimbursement.

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